Great leadership breeds great quotes (Ted Kaufman)

In a News Journal column written during the coronavirus pandemic, the writer shares some quotes from past presidents. “I think they say a lot about how fortunate Americans have been with great leaders, and what we should be looking for today.”

Presidents who made former Sen. Kaufman’s list: George Washington – James Madison – Andrew Jackson – Abraham Lincoln – FDR – Harry Truman – Dwight Eisenhower – JFK – Ronald Reagan – Bush 41 – Bill Clinton – Bush 43 – Barack Obama.

In general, the thrust of the quotes is that leaders should listen to other people and keep their own egos in check. And starting with FDR, all presidents are named except Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump. We can think of several Trump quotes that might have been included (subsequently pointed out in a proposed letter to the editor); Carter may have been excluded to show bipartisanship.
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