Secure America’s Future Economy (SAFE)

214 N. Spring Valley Road

Wilmington, DE 19807


Date: ___________


I agree with the SAFE agenda and would like to join the organization and/or support your efforts.  Enclosed is my check made out to “SAFE,” in the total amount of $ _______, to be applied as follows:


________ for annual dues at the rate of $10 per year     

                (prepayments allowed)


________ as a contribution (SAFE is a Section 501(c)(3)

                non-profit organization)


Name _______________________________________


Street Address ________________________________


City _____________ State _____ Zip _____________


Phone Number _______________________________




Here is how I would like to participate in SAFE (check items that apply).


 [   ] receive the quarterly newsletter; please circle paper and/or electronic


[   ] receive e-mail updates.  My e-mail address is: _________________. 


[   ] participate in your meetings and other activities;  please have one of the directors call me.


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