Comments for Delmarva Power 10-year Plan, Delaware Public Service Commission, January 12, 2010, Wilmington DE John E. Greer, Jr., B.S. Chemical Eng. U. of D., Professional Engineer


Delmarva Power's parent company estimates that peak electricity demand will increase by nearly 20% over the next 10 years(1).  

It is important to all of us that this demand be met with a dependable and inexpensive supply.


Presently about 97% of our electric need is met by coal, nuclear, and natural gas (2) and any of these could be expanded at competitive costs.  The new Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway will also enhance the ability to import power (1).


Wind and solar on the other hand supply only about 1% of our current needs (2).  They are not as dependable and must be backed up by additional supplies.  They are not cost competitive without subsidies which must ultimately be paid by the taxpayers and consumers.


Customers should not have to pay higher electric bills and taxes without receiving real benefits in return.


Most dubious is the idea that reducing Delaware's CO2 emissions will have any significant effect on Global Warming or Climate Change. 


This is especially evident in light of the recent Copenhagen conference where China, India, Brazil and other large growing countries refused to consider any agreement to reduce their CO2 emissions or slow their growth.


Electrical generation in Delaware produces about 6 million metric tons per year of CO2 (3), but China alone produces 6 billion tons per year with a growth rate of an additional 600 million tons per year (4).


One year of China's emissions equals 1,000 years of Delaware's electric generation emissions and China is adding the equivalent of 100 new Delaware's each year.  Reducing Delaware's small emissions will not make the slightest difference.


Contrary to what we are often told, there is no convincing scientific evidence that made-made CO2 is causing or will cause catastrophic climate change.


This is not to say that the climate is not changing but the evidence is overwhelming that the changes are mainly of natural origin (5)(6).


Predictions of disaster are based on flawed computer models which do not match reality (5)(6).


Recent climate changes correlate with solar activity and not CO2 emissions (5)(6).


Even if CO2 were affecting the climate as some claim, reducing human emissions would have little effect because about 97% of emissions are natural and only 3% man-made (7).


Delmarva Power and the Public Service Commission must concentrate on their primary mission which is to "evaluate all available supply options. in order to acquire sufficient and reliable resources. to meet its customers' needs at minimum cost." (8)


Thank you.




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