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Kevin Fritton

August 11, 2009 9:33 pm

Today I decided to see for myself what was going on at the town hall meetings. Since we live less than ten minutes from Portsmouth I went to the Portsmouth High School where our President was to hold a Town meeting a great tradition here in New Hampshire.
I did apply for admission to the meeting last week but never heard anything from the White House as they control who attends. I have heard a lot on the news as I am sure you have hear is what I witnessed.

1. The crowd outside the school was equally split for and against.

2. The pro side (for the bill) was made up mainly of visible union members clearly identified by t-shirts with SIEU, NEA, AFL-CIO, and Massachusetts Nurses Association. There was also a contingent of global warming supporters and even people with signs saying defeat Bush.

3. The con side was mainly made up of ordinary people that were not organized. There were Veterans carrying flags, families and senior citizens. There was a group passing out Do Not Tread On Me bumper stickers. In speaking to many individuals it was there first time at such a gathering.

4. It was very clear to me that the pro side was partially bussed in as there was a Massachusetts Assoc. Nursing bus and several buses with Health Care Now signs on them in adjacent parking lots. When the buses departed the pro side was cut by two thirds.

5. There were 2500 people admitted to the Gym the line passed by where I was standing. It was very clear to me that over 80% were supporters of the bill and or the President. Most were well dressed and had stickers or shirts supporting the bill. The Union guys were clearly identifiable by there shirts. There was one brave man with a Boston Tea Party shirt on. There was a group of old neighbors from Massachusetts that I recognized gaining entry. Drew you remember Will Pasquinas mom? She and a number of other Democrat activists from West Newbury had tickets.

6. The signs that the pro side were definately professionally made.

7. The vast majority of signs on the con side were home made.

That is it from New Hampshire. You decide! There is a national Tea Party in Washington on September 12th. K.