Wrote to Senator Carper re Senate immigration bill

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June 28, 2014

Dear Senator Carper:

CC: Senator Coons and Representative Carney

Re your 6/27/14 note advocating House action on S. 744, Border Security, Economic and Immigration Modernization Act:

We are concerned that this bill would (1) exacerbate the scourge of illegal immigration, and (2) cost the government (federal, state and local levels) a great deal of money. Please see the following SAFE study, which is posted on the Political System page of our website: Immigration Reform (June 2013 critique of proposed legislation to secure the border and create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants).

Recent developments suggest that the administration has lost interest in enforcing the nation’s current immigration laws. This undermines the credibility of whatever promises have been or might be made in connection with the proposed legislation, rendering resolution of the issues very difficult.
As for your assertion that S. 744 would “grow our economy by almost one trillion dollars,” did you consider the cost of current American residents dropping out of the work force and living on the dole (food stamps, unemployment compensation, disability awards, healthcare subsidies, etc.) while unskilled immigrants take their jobs? According to a recent study, that is precisely what has been happening. ALL of the net jobs gains in the US [since 2000] have gone to immigrants, Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, 6/27/14.

We have no bias against immigrants, but if they come here they should do so in accordance with the laws of this country – rather than sneaking in or overstaying their visas. Moreover, the prime objective of “immigration reform” should be ensuring that this will start happening, not creating new rights for illegal immigrants, hiring attorneys to represent them at taxpayer expense, signing them up for hearings that they can simply fail to appear at, etc.

If you have questions or we can help further, please advise.

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