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President Donald J. Trump
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Dear President Trump:

Per your budget proposal for FY 2019, the deficit will approximate $1T for several years and gross national debt will hit $29.9T by 9/30/29. Let's make the budget process work, Section I,

This outlook is considerably worse than the one projected less than a year ago in your budget proposal for FY 2018 (BP-18). What happened?

•Congressional budget committees essentially ignored the spending cut proposals in BP-18. Let's hear it for the SAFE budget [of the Republican Study Committee], 8/21/17.

•The revenue loss from the GOP tax cut could have been substantially reduced by eliminating more special tax preferences. Assessing Republican tax plan, 11/13/17.

•The Bipartisan Budget Act boosted discretionary spending across the board (not just for defense), and it sneakily restored dozens of special business tax breaks (aka "extenders") that had been left out of the tax bill. More shutdown drama, mediocre results, 2/12/18.

There is good reason to be skeptical about the likely results of the upcoming joint select committee review of the government's budgetary system, including the failure of a similar exercise in 2011, but SAFE is pleased to offer some suggestions for improving the odds. Let's make the budget process work, Section V,

Please advise if we can help further. If there is to be a White House listening session on the fiscal problem, SAFE would be pleased to participate.




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