Updated DE state legislators about SAFE

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October 2, 2014

Members of the Delaware General Assembly

We are a non-profit, independent organization (initially named “Seniors Against Federal Extravagance”), centered in Delaware, which has been doing our thing for 18+ years.

Although SAFE’s primary focus is on national policy issues, many points (such as spending taxpayer dollars wisely, simplifying taxes, and cutting regulatory red tape) are also applicable at the local level. And we weigh in on Delaware specific issues from time to time, as illustrated in our two most recent newsletters:

SAFE Newsletter Fall 2014 (federal debt, Delaware education)

SAFE Newsletter Summer 2014 (EPA regulations, Delaware investments)

If you find the content of these newsletters of interest, we hope you will visit SAFE’s website to read more. And if you would care to offer feedback, whether pro or con, it would be welcomed.


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