Fix fiscal problem (Rep. Kevin Brady)

Secure America's Future Economy (SAFE)
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February 26, 2018

The Honorable Kevin Brady
1011 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Brady:

SAFE supported the GOP tax bill last fall despite concerns about the magnitude of the estimated revenue losses (some $1 trillion over the next decade). We didn't think it went far enough in eliminating tax preferences, which is the hallmark of true "tax reform," but were of the understanding that a fair number of special interest tax breaks would be allowed to expire. Assessing Republican tax plan,

Imagine our shock when details of the recent budget deal became public shortly before the deadline for voting on this "must pass" legislation. Dozens of tax preferences that had been excluded from the tax bill were being restored - not only deepening overall revenue losses but distorting decision-making throughout the economy to the benefit of no one but the special interests concerned. What possible justification could there be for this other than sheer political expediency? More shutdown frenzy, mediocre results,

When asked about this outcome afterwards, you were quoted that the "extenders" would be rigorously reviewed next time (basically the same thing had been said in 2015). Kevin Brady: Temporary tax breaks make "zero sense" post-tax reform, Joseph Lawler, Washington Examiner,
2/15/18. Under the circumstances, such assurances hardly seem good enough.

You should reopen this subject promptly, in our view, and abolish every single one of the special tax preferences that were sneaked though.


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