Urged Congress to block EPA's Clean Power Plan

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June 16, 2014

[Individually addressed, e.g., Senator Tom Carper, Delaware]

SAFE is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization, with members in Delaware and over 20 other states, which has been advocating smaller, more focused, less costly government since 1996.

This letter is about the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan,” which would impose reduction goals for CO2, etc. emissions at the national and state level. We recommend that Congress amend the Clean Air Act to make clear that the agency has no authority to implement this ill-advised proposal.

From a policy standpoint, the CPP (A) is based on the manmade global warming theory, which has been hyped to the hilt but remains unproven; (B) would subject choices for meeting future power needs to government control rather than allowing the free market to work; and (C) paints an unrealistic picture of the likely costs and benefits.

Also, the CPP represents an attempt to legislate (make national policy), which invades the primary function of Congress under the Constitution. There have been several other examples of Executive Branch overreach lately, and the time has come for Congress to make clear that it is not going to be reduced to a subordinate, increasingly marginal role.

Some members of Congress may not be persuaded by our policy arguments on this controversial subject, but we would hope that our concern about Executive Branch overreach will resonate on both sides of the aisle. With the approval ratings for Congress at near all time lows, one would gather that the American people are looking for something different than you have been giving them.

For a full discussion and supporting references, see “SAFE to Congress: Bin the Clean Power Plan.” The analysis is posted on the blog page of our website (6/16/14 entry, scroll down as necessary).

Please advise if you have questions or we can help further.

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