Suggestion re COSA strategy (Mark Meckler)

Secure America's Future Economy (SAFE)
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The Honorable Mark Meckler
Convention of States Action
5850 San Felipe, Suite 580A
Houston, TX 77057

Dear Mr. Meckler:

This is to (1) apprise you of an exchange of correspondence between Secure America’s Future Economy (SAFE) and the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force (BBATF), and (2) offer a suggestion for the Convention of States Action (COSA) campaign.

As you probably know, the BBATF has been attempting to organize an Article V convention since the mid-1970s and is focused solely on a balanced budget amendment. Per their August 2017 letter, they had 28 states signed up and were hoping to hit the 34-state mark in 2018. Would SAFE like to participate in their campaign?

This was our first contact with the BBATF, whereas we had been following COSA’s efforts with interest and had attended two COSA meetings in Delaware. Convention of States, SAFE newsletter, Fall 2017. (Secure America’s Future Economy – Administrative – Newsletters – 87)

SAFE wrote back that (1) We would welcome a balanced budget amendment, but other changes may also be needed; (2) COSA’s three-prong approach (fiscal restraint, term limits, limitations on federal government’s power & jurisdiction) provides flexibility for a more comprehensive solution; (3) Is there any way the BBATF and COSA “could join forces, get at least 34 states to call for an Article V convention, and run the project together?” We have offered to work with COSA, responded the BBATF, “but they prefer to go ahead on their own.” There has been no further contact.

It won’t be easy to get 34 states signed up for a COS, and if there was any way for the existing BBATF petitions to be recognized as compatible with the COSA petitions now in hand, that might be a lot easier than trying to get the legislatures of 34 states to approve petitions de novo. Would it be worth taking another look at this issue?


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