Fix fiscal problem (Sen. Tom Carper)

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February 26, 2018

Senator Tom Carper
301 N. Walnut Street
Suite 102L-1
Wilmington, DE 19801-3974

Dear Senator Carper:

Jim Thomen and I are looking forward to another exchange of ideas with you (many thanks to Lori for keeping us on the list) about the government's fiscal woes, and if recent developments are any indication there will be
plenty to talk about.

We supported the tax bill that was enacted in December as the business tax cuts will help to get the economy back on track, but the projected increase in deficits (some $1 trillion over the next 10 years) is bad news. This would have been a far better package if more tax preferences had been eliminated. Assessing the Republican tax plan,

The bipartisan budget deal of February 9th struck us as a distinctly mixed bag, and the unexplained revival of dozens of business tax breaks was downright deceitful. More shutdown drama, mediocre results,

The projected deficits and debt in the president's budget proposal for fiscal year 2019 reflect all of the foregoing, and no one seems to think Congress will be disposed to cut the spending levels that are shown. We have some suggestions for the path forward, however, and will be interested in your reactions. Let's make the budget process work, Section V,



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