Suggestions to DE GOP re policy agenda

Extract from a 12/26/18 letter of W. Whipple III to Michael Harrington, Chairman of the Delaware Republican State Committee:

It’s essential [for the GOP] to develop, unite behind, and fight for a positive agenda – and I haven’t seen any signs of that happening. That’s not intended as a criticism of you, it represents a reflection on the party’s efforts over at least the past ten years.

How about educational reform, but based on putting school leadership back in the schools and parent choice as to where to send their kids versus a cash grab for “extra” funding to provide prescribed special services for more classes of students (before you know it, 100% of the student body will fall in at least one “extra” funding category).

Or a push to freeze or ideally roll back the “renewable” energy programs that are running up the cost of electric power for Delaware consumers and businesses without any real benefit to the public. On a recent Delmarva Power bill, my “renewable compliance charge” was over 15% of the “total electric delivery charges.” Talk about cronyism at work!

Or some solid recommendations for cutting state spending. The big ticket items are healthcare and education, of course, and there are no easy ways to economize in either area. Still, there are plenty of wasteful functions or activities if Republicans made the effort to look for them – why not come up with a “hit list” and go after it?

Also needed is serious attention to the unfunded retirement benefits that are piling up. See Delaware lags behind other states, 10/1/18.

1/4/19 Response from Chairman Harrington acknowledged contribution without mentioning any of the policy suggestions.
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