Count Bloom Energy fuel cells as renewable (Rigby)

There is no logical way that the cost of Bloom Energy fuel cells should not be included in the renewable energy calculation. Remember that the natural gas that is used was described as a renewable fuel.

Huh? Who dreamed that up?

The people and businesses of Delaware are getting ripped off bad enough by the Bloom Energy fiasco, which they have never lived up to, while the same politicians that approved the deal simply stand by sucking their thumbs and do nothing.

Do not double down on a bad deal. Count the Bloom fuel cell costs into the renewable energy cap calculation and then start refunding our money for every year it was over 3 percent.

It is no wonder that Delaware is ranked so poorly in GDP growth. What manufacturing business wants to locate here with the exorbitant electric rates? All the big manufacturing firms have gone or are going.

Peter J. Rigby
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