"Not guilty" vote was amply justified; maybe DC needs its own return day (Whipple)

One day after the Senate impeachment trial ended, the editorial page featured columns by Sens. Tom Carper & Chris Coons to justify their votes of “guilty.” In my view, the decision required was hardly as “cut and dried” as they make it out to be.

There is no mystery about the president’s telephone conversations with his Ukraine counterpart (readouts were furnished). If his motives were partly personal, as Alan Dershowitz suggested, that doesn’t make his conduct impeachable.

Essentially party line voting in both houses of Congress belies any thought that the outcome was a matter of principle versus politics. The House inquiry was mishandled. Calling additional witnesses would have pointlessly prolonged the Senate trial without changing the result. The growing toxicity of political discourse in the nation’s capital reflects fault on both sides.

Our national leaders need to acknowledge this and start acting more responsibly, but the Carper and Coons columns place all of the blame on the president and his supporters. President Trump and House Speaker Pelosi haven’t been setting a good example since the acquittal either.

Perhaps DC needs the equivalent of Delaware’s “return day.”

William Whipple III

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