BLOG INDEX: Political debate (2011-2012)




6/6/11 – SAFE aspired to be a broad-based advocacy group, but became a scrappy little think tank instead.


6/13/11 – The world is complex, time is limited and changing minds is tough. We must stay focused to win!


7/23/12 – Another busy week for SAFE, whose members are trying to make a contribution on some very thorny issues.


10/1/12 – Close to home in Delaware, there are many opportunities to partner with allies and engage the unconvinced.




3/12/12 – Don’t believe everything you hear; the urge to suppress inconvenient information is all too human.


3 /19/12 – A tale of two videos: Reagan and Ryan remind us what this year’s elections ought to be about.


8/6/12 – A recent political ad deserves a real response; will Republicans call the president’s bluff?




7/2/12 – Professors facilitate national decline by bending over backwards to support transition to a welfare state.


8/13/12 – Success is not a lock, but defenders of freedom should know that history and reason are on their side.


9/24/12 – Reflections on the Constitution at the 225-year mark: support Congress, beware Executive Branch overreach.




9/3/12 – The presidential race will be intense, and there may even be a serious debate about issues that matter.


9/10/12 – Convention slogans express what will be at stake in November: “we built it” vs. “move America forward.”




10/8/12 – The first presidential debate was instructive, but there weren’t any clear answers to the fiscal problem.


10/22/12 – Lawyers do not necessarily make great leaders; they are too focused on debating issues vs. finding answers.


10/29/12 – Foreign policy debate comes down to domestic issues, notably a failed fiscal plan versus a fuzzy one?